What are the Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers are not only used for beautification but they also lift our spirits through their aroma and beauty. For thousands of years, flowers have been used as powerful remedies for combating with many health challenges from heart failure to broken bones. Many people are puzzled on what the health benefits of flowers are. The flowers turn things around in ways you can’t possibly think of.

Mental and Emotional benefits 

Flowers have been proven to have a positive effect on moods, which are a long-term benefit, this being the reason behind why flowers are delivered to patients in hospitals. They give a less depressed feeling and also they demonstrate satisfaction in life and a higher sense of enjoyment. Flowers affect individuals social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what can be possibly imagined. This is actually a natural way on how to trigger heightened feelings of life satisfaction. The study reveals that people who view fresh flowers especially in the morning have lower levels of depression and anxiety. Actually, women who regularly preserve flowers in their homes feel less anxious and view life positively. Employees who have flowers in their workplace have more enthusiasm and energy at work compared those who have none in their working environment. Flowers have a positive impact on one’s well-being. They chase away blues and worries.

Medicinal benefits

For many generations, flowers have been used for their healing properties to cure many diseases. In aromatherapy, flower essences are dissolved in oil and applied externally to stimulate and calm the mind and body. Certain flowers are used to stimulate certain body functions. Below are three flowers that have curative properties.

1. Rose flowers

The fragrance of rose is used in aromatherapy for increasing good mood and as a tranquilizer. Makeup mask of rose flower is ideal for balancing the level of greasy skin and strengthen dry skin on the face. Additionally, rose can be used to clear acne. This can be prepared by drying the rose flower, grinding it into powder and then mixing it with water. The mixture is then applied on the face. Its essential oil is ideal for anti-depression and aromatherapy. Research has shown that the aroma in the rose flower is effective for increasing the activity of the brain when sleeping. This answers the question why rose is the most common flower used as perfume fragrance.

Rose water, rose oil and rose hip are derived from this flower and they have many valuable properties. This flower plays a large role to dry, sensitive and aging skins. The aroma of this flower provides psychological state of the mind and a soothing property to the nerves. It has health benefits to people suffering from heart, peptic ulcers, and nerve tension among other diseases brought about by stress. Digestion, bile secretion, circulation and womb disorder can be positively be influenced by rose essence. Rose hip, which is rose flower with swollen seed, is an excellent source of vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. In additional it contains zinc, malic acid, fructose, citric acid, flavonoids and bioflavonoids.

2. Lavender flowers

This flower has many health uses and natural healing benefits. Adding a few petals of this flower or its oil to a hot bath ease tire muscles and promotes relaxation. Lavenders also assist you to sleep better. Do not be surprised next time when you find lavender flowers tied in a small pillowcase in your hotel room. If you have issues with your skin like battling with acne, lavender is the perfect option for you. Its oil can be added to your spray water bottle or moisturizer. Cuts and scrapes can be cured with lavender because of its natural antiseptic properties. Instead of rubbing alcohol on your children’s cut you can apply lavender natural oil. Headaches can be relieved by massaging lavender on the forehead, behind the neck and at the temples. The experienced dizziness will disappear within seconds. This flower is also used as a medicine for insomnia.

3. Chamomile flowers

For many years chamomile has been used as medicine. Taken in tea, it calms anxiety and headaches, indigestions and stomach cramps. Breathing in the steam of hot tea of chamomile eases breathing sinusitis and colds. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness and depression can be soothed and calmed using chamomile tea. This flower can be used to enhance the production of white blood cells through consuming tea prepared by this herbal flower. Visit Reids Florists website to view an amazing array of fresh flowers.

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