A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Cordless Leaf Blower 2019.

Every time you’re out shopping, you need to get products that are ideal for your needs. Furthermore, while buying goods, you normally come across a glut of options with distinct models and brands. It is a similar experience find while buying leaf blowers. If you follow the right buying guide, you will definitely avoid making mistakes and have an enjoyable shopping moment. 

Here is a comprehensive buying guide for cordless leaf blower which most people have over the years used before making an order;

1. Lightweight

Look for a cordless leaf blower, which you will be comfortable working with during the operation since lifting is involved. Ensure you check the weight of the machine when the battery is fixed and in its absence. Without the battery, the blower weighs between 5-10 pounds. Choose a cordless leaf blower that is powerful but with less weight. 

2. Quiet Operation

The main challenge when it comes to leaf blowers is that they are generally noisy. Consequently, when buying a cordless leaf blower, consider the machine with the lowest decibel level (57-60) to avoid inconveniences during operation. Too much noise will be a destruction to your neighbors also. Check the noise ratings on the blower, if any, before buying and, most importantly check the local by-laws as some towns have banned them.

3. AirPower

Airpower measures the speed of air coming out of the leaf blower. It determines the size of the machine you will need. The specification on these measurements are provided on the product written as miles per hour (MPH) or cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM gives the volume of air moved by the blower while MPH explains the speed that air comes out of the unit.

4. Low Maintenance Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are 50% lighter than Ni-Cad batteries, give consistent power, and are rechargeable. This makes battery operated leaf blowers cheap to maintain, thus reduced cost. This powerful battery works using any voltage between 18V- 120V. When purchasing, check the time needed to recharge the blower’s battery and the time a fully powered battery can run. 

5. Durability

The durable machine gives long service. The material used in manufacturing a product explains its ability to last longer. Aluminum or fiber produces lightweight items and forged steel gives durable and robust materials. A leaf blower under proper management will be useful for up to 10 years to home users before it needs repair.

6. Brushless Motor

A motor converts the power from the battery to drive the work of the blower. The presence of magnets between the motor and battery transmit charges and overcomes friction by avoiding contact of the two. Due to this feature, the cordless leaf blowers give consistent power output. This is an indication of a good blower, unlike the traditional motors that use carbon brushes.

7. Price of the Leaf Blower

Planning on how much you want to spend for your cordless blower is essential. But don’t try to save money and purchase an inferior item. This will help you buy a cordless blower that functions well and gives long service. You may incur high amounts during buying, but you will save some in the long run as breakdowns that are prone to happen will be reduced.

8. Free of Emissions

Environment should always be put into consideration when buying a leaf blower. Reduced emissions into the atmosphere reduce the case of global warming, a major world threat. Buy a blower that is friendly to the environment as toxic fumes released are harmful. 

9. Portability

A portable item will save time while cleaning, and it is easy to use it. Select a cordless blower that is portable and have a compact design and you will not have difficulties during handling. You can move it anywhere in the yard, and being a cordless material, you can collect leaves where wired blower can’t access. The compact design makes it possible to store the blower anywhere in your room.

10. Ease of Use

A battery with the ability to produce power for a long duration makes cleaning easy as frequency of charging is reduced. Cordless blowers have a handy design, and it is easy to use with one hand. Ensure that the handgrip is comfortable, feels natural and gives room for right hand to body distance for good operation.

11. Safety

Be keen to read the manufacturers’ guidelines manual while buying the blower. This will help you during cleaning on what measures to follow. The instruction includes; wearing safety glasses.  

Cordless leaf blowers play a significant role in hygienic practices as it keeps your yard, garage and other areas free from debris and leaves. With the above buying guide post, you will be able to get the best cordless leaf blower you’re looking for since it has everything you need to know about cordless leaf blower in market today. 

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